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What is Commercial Law?

You might be wondering what commercial law is all about. Commercial Law is a broad term for a range of legal services designed to support businesses in making money from their products and services.

For example, Intellectual Property (IP) rights are crucial for creative industries and manufacturers to profit from innovation, sales on a domestic and international basis need contracts, and agency or distribution agreements can be made to sell the good or services more widely.

Commercial law offers a wide range of opportunities to work on because it reviews the specific areas in which people trade. For instance, commercial lawyers can provide tax advice and sound contract law advice as well. So, there will always be a demand for legal professionals who want to specialise in commercial law.

We provide specialized contract advisory, drafting, negotiation and management including:

  • verifying that you know what the contract does
  • drawing attention to tricks of the trade that can catch you out
  • informing you of the legal effect of the contract, which may be different to what you believe or have been told
  • advising on what is missing from the contract
  • checking terms of payment and inhibitors