1. Commercial Contracts
  • Drafting and reviewing various commercial contracts including agreements for sale of goods and supply of services, software agreements, joint venture agreements, assets or equipment sharing agreements, agency agreements, franchise agreements, distribution agreements and public private partnership agreements.
  • Advisory on and drafting of terms of trade and other business contracts.
  • Preparation of Powers of Attorney documents, commissioning and notarization of documents.
  1. Employment & Labour Relations
  • Drafting various employment and consultancy contracts.
  • Advising on employee rights, and termination procedures under the Employment Act.
  • Taxation of employment income through PAYE;
  • Advising on the establishment of employee share schemes (ESOPs).
  • Drafting and negotiating collective bargaining agreements with trade unions.
  1. Business Sale and Purchase
  • Drafting and reviewing of sale and purchase contracts.
  • Assisting in sale negotiation, exchange and settlement.
  • Carrying out due diligence, legal and governance audits.
  1. Entertainment and Media
  • Drafting and reviewing various entertainment and media agreements, including production and recoding agreements, recording agreements, talent/side artists agreements, music publishing/co-publishing/administration agreements, production agreements, management agreements, distribution agreements, licensing agreements, endorsement/ branding agreements, advertising agreements, talent option agreements, tour agreements, performance agreements, consulting agreements, arts and music rights recording agreements, royalty agreements and agency agreements
  • Assisting content creators with distribution, defamation claims and intellectual property protection (including licensing, commercialisation and enforcement);
  • Providing individuals and businesses with contract reviews, drafting and negotiation;
  • Assisting producers with film and media financing, production and commercialisation of content;
  • Assisting advertising and marketing agencies with advertising compliance; and
  • Assisting publishing companies with strategic commercial legal advice on rights and distribution.
  1. Franchising
  • Reviewing the franchise documents (i.e. franchise agreement, disclosure document, operations manual and any financial statements);
  • Reviewing the sale of business agreement if purchasing from an existing franchisee;
  • Negotiating with the franchisor for our clients;
  • Conducting thorough due diligence on the franchise network; and
  • Reviewing and advising on the client’s commercial lease.
  • Drafting the sale of business agreement;
  • Ensuring compliance with the franchise agreement
  • Negotiating with the franchisor and third parties;
  • Assisting with the settlement;
  • advising on any restrictions preventing a client from selling or opening up a new franchise; and
  • Assisting with the transfer or assignment of the lease.
  • Drafting the master franchise agreement, and disclosure document (and annexures including deeds of guarantee);
  • Preparing licence and distribution arrangements;
  • Drafting the operations manual;
  • Preparing document packs for each new franchisee
  1. e-Commerce & Online Marketplace
  • Drafting your e-commerce sales terms and conditions;
  • Advising on privacy obligations;
  • Advising on compliance with the Consumer Protection Act (including consumer guarantees);
  • Drafting contracts to engage third parties (e.g. developers, distributors and service providers);
  • Assisting in recovering any outstanding payments; and
  • Assisting in resolving disputes.
  • Preparing the client’s marketplace terms and conditions;
  • Drafting the client’s website’s terms of use and privacy policy;
  • Advising on payment models;
  • Registering the client’s domain name; and
  • Applying to register any online trademarks.
  1. Information Technology
  • Advising clients on cutting- edge legal issues relating to information technology, financial technology, gaming and betting, internet and electronic commerce, life science and biomed (healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical inventions), and other technology intensive services.
  • Providing strategic advice and guidance to help clients navigate the ever-changing technology market.
  • Advising clients on a full spectrum of regulatory, transactional, compliance, legislative, taxation, and corporate, financial transactions enforcement and litigation issues treating to information technology
  • Reviewing, drafting and negotiating on ICT-based agreements related, inter alia, to procurement, escrow arrangements, outsourcing, manufacturing, media, web, software, franchise, publishing, distribution, licensing, hosting, co-location, data and content management and service level agreements.
  • Providing advisory services on to internet use (advertisement, e-commerce, sector-specific legislation in banking, insurance and medical care and other sectors).
  • We also offer legal advisory services on software development, software or platform licensing, IT services (in all forms including outsourcing) to providing comprehensive advice on data protection, compliance and data breach and incidence reporting.
  1. Data Protection
  • Advising on data and privacy protection for businesses under the Data Protection Act and Regulations.
  • Providing legal advisory services on a full range of data protection issues including email and Internet use, data privacy issues arising from shared service/global IT platform programs and cloud solutions, handling of complaints and requests from individuals and regulatory bodies, including civil proceedings arising there from, providing guidance on data leakage investigations and proceedings.
  • Advising on and drafting of data privacy policies.
  • Registration of Data Collector and Data Processor.
  • Appointment of Data Protection Officer.
  • Carrying out Data Protection Audits
  1. Consumer Protection
  • Advising you on your obligations to consumers
  1. International Representation
  • Providing cross-Border advise on establishment and running of a business in the East African region and internationally.
  1. Immigration Advisory
  • Applying for various work permits, entry visas and dependent passes for foreign employees intending to work in Kenya
  • Applying for Kenyan citizenship
  • Applying for permanent residency
  1. Tax Advisory
  • Assisting on applications for PIN Certificates and Tax Compliance Certificates
  • Assist in the calculation of tax liabilities and filing of tax returns.
  • Advising on compliance with the Kenyan Tax regime including income tax, VAT, excise duty and various levies
  • Assisting in negotiating with the Kenya Revenue Authority on any tax issues such as tax assessments and resolving of tax disputes
  • Advising on the structuring of commercial transactions to achieve tax efficiency.
  1. General Counsel, Policy Review & Advisory
  • Providing policy drafting, review and lobbying services.
  • Ensuring that business activities comply with statutory requirements
  • Advise clients when engaging in strategic partnerships and activities that will promote growth within their business
  • Provide risk management and legal advice on business related matters
  • Conducting negotiations on behalf of our clients on various policy issues
  • Provide consultations to create and establish measurable goals for your company
  1. Debt Recovery
  • Providing debt recovery services;
  • Drafting or responding to letters of demand;
  • Managing the statutory demand process