Employment Disputes

Disputes that arise during employment can often be resolved through direct negotiation between the two parties. In certain circumstances, however, an external mediator or employment lawyer may be necessary to deal with the dispute.

Our specialist employment law team actively seek solutions through mediation, negotiation and dispute resolution procedures. NetSheria’s strategic approach to resolving employment disputes achieves fast and cost-effective outcomes. We can assist with:

  • resolving employment disputes;
  • drafting clear, confidential and fair dispute resolution procedures;
  • advising on managing industrial disputes and employee grievances;
  • advising on the process of collective bargaining;
  • advising on employment contracts, contractor agreements and workplace policies; and
  • advising on employment termination.

NetSheria”s employment law team can also assist in drafting and reviewing contracts to ensure compliance with relevant employment laws, including the Fair Work Act.

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