Employment & Labour Relations

  • Drafting various employment and consultancy contracts.
  • Advising on employee rights, and termination procedures under the Employment Act.
  • Taxation of employment income through PAYE;
  • Advising on the establishment of employee share schemes (ESOPs).
  • Drafting and negotiating collective bargaining agreements with trade unions.

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Important Things to Know about Employment and Labour Laws

  1. The labour practice is heavily regulated in Kenya. Before and on engaging an employee it is important to ensure that labour laws are strictly complied with as failure to do so would have a huge financial impact on the employer.


  1. Every labour practice ranging from the terms of employment of an employee, the performance of an employee, the conduct of an employee, the treatment of an employee and termination of an employee are regulated. It is an employer’s duty to prepare the employment contract.


  1. There are various mandatory policies required to be put in place by certain categories of employers such us the sexual harassment policy, equality policy, data protection policy, disciplinary process and etc.


  1. It is therefore important to seek legal advise when dealing with employment matters in order to avoid risking legal action for unfair labour practice. Netsheria professionals are highly experienced and well equipped to help with such employment matters.
  2. As a business you may also wish to engage independent contractors to provide certain services. Independent contractors are not considered as employees. However, the line drawn between whether a person is an employee or an independent contractor is dependent on the terms of the contract and the conduct of parties. We help structure this relationships and provide well crafted contracts.