• Registration, assignment and renewal of trademarks/service marks, industrial designs, patents, and utility models for local and overseas clients, registration of patents and industrial designs under the Kenyan Industrial Property Act, the Patents Cooperation Treaty and the ARIPO protocol.


  • Advising on and managing intellectual property portfolios for local and international clients.


  • Protecting and enhancing your intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks, copyrights, confidential information, business and domain name).


  • Providing technology licensing and other intellectual property transactions.


  • Acquisition and transfer of intellectual rights.
  • Drafting of anti-raiding, non-solicitation, non-compete and non-disclosure documents relating to IP rights.


  • Payment of annual IP maintenance fees on behalf of clients.
  • Advising on and registration of copyright, registration of plant breeders’ rights including filing applications for grant of such rights and liaising with the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services (KEPHIS).


  • Representing clients in the registration and transfer of domain names as well as in mediation processes at the Kenya Network Information Centre (KENIC).


  • Advising its local and international clients on a broad range of issues relating to the acquisition, transfer and protection of their intellectual rights and is regularly involved in the preparation, review and negotiation of registered user, assignment and license agreements.


  • Providing IP-specific legal compliance, audits, due diligence, restructuring and optimization of IP portfolios in relation to merger and acquisition transactions, IPO and other share deals.

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Important things to know about Intellectual Property & Technology Media Telecommunication (IP-TMT).

  1. Intellectual Property Rights: Intellectual property rights are rights granted to a creator of invention, artistic and literary works, designs and symbols and names and images used in commerce. These rights are protected by law through patents, utility models, industrial designs, copyrights and trademarks. The protection prevents the owner and stops third parties from using the owners creation without the owner’s permission.
  1. Intellectual property rights are an important and valuable asset of each business. Businesses can use copyright laws to protect creative works or use patent law to protect inventions. Many businesses can use the law of trade secrets to protect confidential information. Every business can use trademark law to create and protect its brand.
  1. The communications and media industry are governed by the communications and media laws. These laws are applicable not only to journalists, publishers and telephone companies, but also to everyone publishing on the internet, blogging, online reviews and social media posts.
  1. The media and communications laws determine which forms of speeches are legally permissible and which ones are unprotected and could expose you to liability. Netsheria professionals are well experienced and always ready to help with such matters.
  1. Key Legal Issues: The key legal issues that arise in the field of media laws include intellectual property, defamation, confidentiality, privacy, freedom of information, data protection and privacy, employment and commercial contracts. Please click the legal documents portal to access all types of media and communications agreements.