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Nuts & Bolts of Cloud Computing & Cyber Security in Kenya

Embark on a journey through Kenya's cloud and cybersecurity terrain. From the versatility of cloud services to the nuances of SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS, discover the digital frontier. Uncover the vital connection between cloud and cybersecurity, defending against phishing and malware. In a world of constant evolution, staying ahead in tech is not a choice but a necessity.

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Cloud Computing & Cyber Security in Kenya

In the realm of technology, cloud computing takes center stage, delivering services like data storage and software through the internet. Learn about public, private, and hybrid clouds, and the three key types of cloud computing: SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS. However, with the convenience of the cloud comes the critical need for cybersecurity. Discover how to safeguard digital assets from threats like phishing, malware, eavesdropping, and DDoS attacks.

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Why you need a lawyer in your business: Biases about lawyers 

Discover the truth about Kenya's legal profession, where lawyers and advocates play unique roles in various sectors. From corporate law to criminal defense, the legal field is diverse and far from the costly and complex image it's often associated with. Learn how legal expertise can benefit startups, SMEs, and individuals alike.

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Professional Masquerading: Quack lawyer finally unmasked 

In a shocking revelation, an imposter known as 'Brian Mwenda' operated as a lawyer, winning multiple cases despite lacking legal qualifications. The Law Society of Kenya is now investigating this case, shedding light on the vulnerability of the legal system. Learn more about this alarming situation and its potential consequences.

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Beneficial Ownership: Compliance requirements and effects of new regulations 

In Kenya focus has shifted from establishing beneficial ownership policy and regulations toward actual use of the data. With a beneficial ownership register already in place, the government’s objective is to leverage data for more informed decision making by procurements and revenue officials. In this article we look at the compliance requirements and effect of compliance with beneficial ownership requirements.

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Why startups fail in Kenya; Challenges experienced and mitigating factors

Embark on a thrilling journey through Kenya's startup scene! Get ready to unravel the challenges faced by emerging businesses and the dynamic strategies to conquer them. From nailing down funding to conquering marketing, this article unveils the exhilarating path to entrepreneurial triumph.

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Why you should always include an Arbitration Clause in a contract document


7 Examples of what to disclose at the initial stages of contract negotiation



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