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E-commerce & online marketplace

E-Commerce (electronic commerce) is the reference given to all actions that involve the buying and selling of goods or services on the world Wide Web (Internet) that include the use of online mediums involving electronic systems and portals to facilitate sale of goods and services between buyers and sellers, which include mobile phone transactions as well as the use of computer, tablets and other electronic devices connected to the Internet to conclude such transactions.

Netsheria provides individuals intending to use the Internet to conduct online transactions with different legal advisory services depending on whether they are buyers or sellers.

For sellers, Netsheria:

  • Drafts appropriate e-commerce sales terms of use and conditions that ensure that sellers are protected during the conduct of online transactions on the client’s marketplace including provisions for recovering any outstanding payments from buyers;
  • Advises them on their obligations to maintain privacy of buyers’ information that is provided on the online portals;
  • Advises them on ensuring compliance with the Consumer Protection Act (including consumer guarantees) for online transactions;
  • Draft the relevant contracts to allow the sellers to engage third parties (e.g. developers, distributors and service providers) in setting up fool-proof online portals for the conduct of the online transactions;
  • Ensures that their domain name and trademarks for the online transactions are registered.

For buyers, Netsheria:

  • Provides them with the necessary support in reviewing the purchase terms and conditions for online sales and transactions to ensure that their interests are protected.
  • Ensure the confidentiality and privacy of their data is adequately protected in a seller’s e-commerce terms and conditions.
  • Assists in providing dispute resolution services for aggrieved customers purchasing items through online transactions.

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