4 Key Tips for negotiating an Unsecured Loan Agreement.

4 Key Tips for negotiating an Unsecured Loan Agreement. An unsecured loan can simply be defined as a loan where the borrower does not put any collateral or security in exchange of the loan sum advancement. The loan in most cases is advanced by the creditor on the strength of the individual’s/entity’s creditworthiness. Examples of […]

Importance of drafting an Engagement Agreement.

Importance of drafting an Engagement Agreement. An engagement agreement is a contractual arrangement between parties that outlines their responsibilities. The agreement’s scope, terms, and expenses are described in detail in the letter, setting clear expectations for all parties to the agreement on the objective of an engagement agreement. An engagement agreement can be utilized in […]

Advantages and disadvantages of limited liability partnerships

ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF LIMITED LIABILITY PARTNERSHIPS A limited liability partnership (LLP) can be defined as an incorporated business formed by 2 or more natural persons or a body corporate and is governed by the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2011 (LLP Act). LLPs are a perfect fit for most professionals like lawyers and doctors, two […]

6 Key Clauses in the Partnership Agreement to make your small business huge.

6 Key Clauses in the Partnership Agreement to make your small business huge. Depending on the size of the business activities and the number of partners engaged, partnerships can be complex. The formulation of a partnership agreement is essential in this kind of business structure to lessen the possibility of conflicts among partners. Although each […]

Five important clauses you cant ignore in partnership agreement

FIVE IMPORTANT CLAUSES YOU CAN’T IGNORE IN PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENTS. There are three types of partnership: General partnership (GP); Limited partnership (LP); and Limited liability partnership (LLP). The  founding partners various objectives informs the type of partnership they choose to deploy. For example: A general partnership has the simplest/quickest incorporation process; while limited partnerships are often […]

The 6 major advantages of registering your trademark

THE 6 MAJOR ADVANTAGES OF REGISTERING YOUR TRADEMARK A trademark is a form of intellectual property, where registration is proof of ownership. In a country that is cognizant of both unregistered and registered trademarks, registering your Trademark is the quickest and most cost-effective way to ensure legal exclusivity for the use of your name or […]

Doctrine of Passing Off

 DOCTRINE OF PASSING OFF What Is Passing Off Passing off is similar to trade mark infringement, but applies to protect unregistered rights associated with a particular business, its goods or services. The principle underlying the tort of passing off as was lain in the precedent of Perry v Truefitt (1842) is that “A man is not […]

Unregistered Trademarks for Startups

UNREGISTERED TRADEMARKS FOR STARTUPS INTRODUCTION In the process of incorporating your startup, you were probably required to register a corporate name under which you would be doing business. A corporate name approved as part of the incorporation process allows your company to operate a business using that name within the territory registered. If your corporate […]

Top 4 key legal requirements to look out for when registering a startup

TOP 4 KEY LEGAL REQUIREMENTS TO LOOK OUT FOR WHEN REGISTERING A STARTUP A startup is simply defined as a company at its initial stages in its business. When a startup is newly formed it often requires financing either through capital contribution from the company’s owners/ promoters or through investor financing, loan facilities and venture […]