Business Incubator VS Startup Accelerator

Business development programs such as Incubator or Accelerator programs are used to support startups and scale-ups with resources and mentorship. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of the training and financing options provided by incubators and accelerators who also facilitate opportunities for collaborations with public or private sector stakeholders.  Business Incubators and Startup Accelerators Business incubator programs […]

Start-up Funding Masterclass 

Netsheria International LLP, a Kenyan provider of strategic legal expertise and analytical capabilities for startups and SMEs, was recently involved in a funding masterclass held by Antler East Africa, a business incubator and startup accelerator on the funding of start ups in Kenya.

Scaling Up Business

Netsheria International LLP team was recently involved in a panel discussion by Agema Analysts at iHUb in Nairobi dubbed “Key Aspects to Consider when Scaling Up Your Business”