Corporate Lawyers

NetSheria International advocates are specialists at corporate law contracts.

We provide specialized contract advisory, drafting, negotiation and management including:

  • verifying that you know what the contract does
  • drawing attention to tricks of the trade that can catch you out
  • informing you of the legal effect of the contract, which may be different to what you believe or have been told
  • advising on what is missing from the contract
  • checking terms of payment and inhibitors


Fewer clauses mean less complexity.

Fewer schedules in contracts mean less complexity.

Fewer terms mean less complexity.

Complexity costs everyone time.

Lawyers usually love to pile on layers of “stuff”. Often, it’s not necessary for your business. It’s practically impossible to get around once the contract is signed.

Complexity costs money.

We avoid complexity, where at all possible.

Manage Legal Risk

We advise on the legal risks associated with actioning a contract. Without proper legal guidance parties tend to take steps that might cost them irreparable financial damage or loss :

  • rights to terminate contracts arise
  • rights to suspend supply of services and delivery of products exist
  • claims arise from performance delays
  • damages claims become relevant and how much might be payable
  • breaches of contract come in to play
  • intellectual property rights are infringed