From Just Ksh. 19,999 to 149,999 Monthly*

Pricing based on a minimum 12 month subscription plan with discounted bi-annual and annual payment options.

1. Legal Services

(a) Telephone and email legal opinions and advisory on diverse legal matters

(b) Writing and/or reply to demand letters and correspondence

(c) General legal advisory, planning and management

(d) Attestation and witnessing of documents

2. Business Structuring and Compliance*

(a) Thirty (30) minute free consultation on every new legal matter

(b) Business structuring advisory

(c) Company secretarial services and filings

(d) Employment and HR Contracts and Advisory services

(e) Tax advisory services

(f) Referrals to competent third parties for additional services

3. Legal Documents

(a) Bundled Legal documents

(b) Contract drafting, review and amendments

(c) Review of banking security documents

(d) Lease and Tenancy agreement preparation and review

4. Protection

(a) IP registration services

(b) Advice on enforcement of client rights

5. Debt Recovery Services

(a) Debt Recovery Services

6. Business Registration

(a) Affordable business setup and registration services