Our entrepreneurs’ team will advise on raising the funds for your next move, getting the right contracts and immigration visas in place where necessary, and securing the right terms on your property.

We understand that you need access to your professional advisors whenever you want it and you will deal with the same people throughout your relationship with us. We share the frustrations and the joy with our clients on their journey to wherever their business lives take them. We want you to succeed as much as you do and we know what we need to do to help you.

Our advice is practical, it’s creative and we’re quick. We keep  our eye on, just as you do, the implications of what you are doing right now and how that might affect your future business and our advice is always given with that in mind.


Much of our advice is for early stage companies and startups in the technology and media sectors or for those investing in such entities.

We also work closely with our Real Estate team to advise those investing in or developing commercial property on all of their financing, banking and related security issues.

We draft and review a wide range of contracts and provide advisory on various commercial issues including but not limited to:

  • distribution, franchising and agency agreements;
  • sale of business agreements;
  • investment agreements;
  • share subscription agreements;
  • share purchase agreements;
  • deeds of settlement;
  • hire purchase agreements;
  • architectural service agreements;
  • motor vehicle purchase agreements;
  • deeds of assignment and novation;
  • consortium agreements;
  • catering services agreements;
  • confidentiality agreements;
  • joint venture agreements;

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Flexible and practical startup investment advice for founders, entrepreneurs and investors