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Affidavit of Negation of Spousal Consent to Transfer- Divorcee

KShs 3,400.00

An Affidavit of Negation of Spousal Consent to Transfer is a legal document used by individuals who are divorced and have not remarried, to declare that they are the sole decision-makers regarding the transfer or sale of their property. This affidavit serves as a formal statement, sworn before a notary or equivalent authority, affirming that spousal consent is not required for the transaction in question. It is particularly relevant in situations where the property was acquired before marriage or after divorce, ensuring that the previous spouse has no legal claim or control over the transaction.

This document is crucial in providing clarity and legal backing to the divorced individual, reinforcing their autonomy over their assets. It is also a safeguard against any future disputes or claims that may arise from the former spouse, offering peace of mind and legal protection to the property owner. The affidavit typically includes personal details of the affiant, the property description, and a clear statement negating the need for spousal consent, all under oath to validate the affiant’s sole authority over the property in question.

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