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Electronic Publishing Agreement (Company to Individual)

KShs 3,500.00

An Electronic Publishing Agreement between a company and an individual author outlines the terms under which the company will publish the author’s work electronically. This agreement typically includes several key components. First, it specifies the rights granted by the author to the publisher, such as the exclusive right to publish, distribute, and sell the work in digital formats. It also details the responsibilities of the publisher, including editing, formatting, and marketing the work.
The agreement will often include provisions for royalties, specifying how and when the author will be compensated for sales of the electronic work. Additionally, it may outline the duration of the agreement and conditions under which it can be terminated by either party. The author’s warranties and indemnities, ensuring that the work is original and does not infringe on any third-party rights, are also crucial elements.
Furthermore, the agreement might address issues such as copyright ownership, the use of the author’s name and likeness in promotional materials, and the resolution of disputes. By clearly defining these terms, the Electronic Publishing Agreement helps protect the interests of both the author and the publisher, ensuring a smooth and mutually beneficial collaboration.

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