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Electronic Publishing Agreement (Company to Individual)

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An Electronic Publishing Agreement between a company and an individual is a legally binding contract that outlines the terms under which the individual’s work will be published electronically. This type of agreement typically specifies the rights granted to the publisher, the obligations of the author, and the financial arrangements, such as royalties or flat fees. The agreement may cover various aspects of electronic publishing, including formatting, distribution, marketing, and sales across digital platforms.


It ensures that the author’s intellectual property is protected while allowing the publisher to utilize the content within the agreed-upon digital mediums. The contract will often detail the duration of the publishing rights, any exclusivity clauses, and the territories in which the publisher is permitted to distribute the work. It is crucial for such an agreement to be clear on how profits are shared and what happens in the event of contract termination. A well-drafted Electronic Publishing Agreement aligns the interests of both the author and the publisher, providing a framework for a successful partnership in the evolving landscape of digital publishing.

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