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Partnership Deed

KShs 3,433.00

A Partnership Deed is a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions agreed upon by individuals who wish to form a partnership. This deed is essential for ensuring clarity and preventing disputes among partners. It typically includes details such as the names and addresses of the partners, the name and address of the partnership firm, the nature of the business, and the duration of the partnership. Additionally, it specifies the capital contributions of each partner, the profit and loss sharing ratio, and the duties and responsibilities of each partner.

The deed also outlines procedures for dispute resolution, the process for admitting new partners, and the conditions under which a partner may retire or be expelled. It includes provisions for the dissolution of the partnership and the distribution of assets upon dissolution. By clearly defining these aspects, the Partnership Deed helps in managing the partnership efficiently and ensures that all partners are aware of their rights and obligations. This document is crucial for the smooth operation of the partnership and provides a legal framework that protects the interests of all partners involved.

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