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Spousal Consent to Transfer Property Sworn by a Married Person

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Spousal consent for property transfer is a legal declaration made by a married individual, affirming their agreement to the sale or transfer of property that is considered matrimonial. This consent is typically documented through an affidavit, which must be commissioned by a qualified legal professional, such as an advocate of the High Court in Kenya or a commissioner of oaths. The affidavit serves as a formal statement confirming that the individual providing consent is legally married to the property owner and consents to the transaction.


This process is crucial in ensuring that both spouses have a say in the disposition of property that may have been acquired during the marriage, reflecting the shared nature of matrimonial assets. The requirement for spousal consent is rooted in the protection of marital rights and the prevention of unilateral decisions that could adversely affect either spouse. It is a testament to the equitable treatment of both parties in a marriage, particularly in matters that significantly impact their joint financial interests and future security. The practice of obtaining spousal consent upholds the principle of mutual respect and decision-making within the marital relationship, reinforcing the legal framework that supports marital harmony and fair dealing.

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