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Website Development Agreement

KShs 3,500.00

A Website Development Agreement is a legally binding contract between a client and a web developer or development agency. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions for creating a website, ensuring both parties are clear on their responsibilities and expectations. Key components include the scope of work, which details the specific tasks the developer will perform, such as design, coding, testing, and deployment. It also specifies the project timeline, including milestones and deadlines, to ensure timely delivery.
The agreement covers payment terms, outlining how and when the developer will be compensated, and may include provisions for additional costs if the project scope changes. Intellectual property rights are another crucial element, defining who owns the final website and any associated content or code. Additionally, the agreement addresses confidentiality, ensuring that any sensitive information shared during the project remains protected.
Other important aspects include the process for handling revisions and changes, dispute resolution mechanisms, and termination conditions. By clearly defining these elements, a Website Development Agreement helps prevent misunderstandings and conflicts, providing a solid foundation for a successful collaboration between the client and the developer.

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