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Investment Agreement

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Investment contracts are agreements wherein one party invests money with the expectation of receiving a return on investment (ROI). These contracts are used in various industries, including real estate.

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Table of Content:

  • Interpretation
  • Investment and Subscription
  • Allotment of Shares
  • Undertakings and Acknowledgements by the Founder
  • Undertakings by the Company
  • Warranties
  • Indemnities
  • The board and the investor director
  • Accounting, business plan and information rights
  • Matters requiring investor and investor director consent
  • Promotion of the company’s business
  • Transfer of shares
  • Effect of ceasing to hold shares
  • Founder covenants
  • Confidentiality and announcements
  • Assignment and other dealings
  • Third-party rights
  • Agreement survives completion
  • Status of agreement
  • Severance
  • Variation and waiver
  • Costs
  • Entire agreement
  • Notices
  • Termination
  • Further assurance
  • Counterparts
  • No partnership
  • Inadequacy of damages
  • Governing law and jurisdiction


Schedule 1          The Company

Part 1    Particulars of the Company

Schedule 2          Part 1

Schedule 2 Part 2 Allotment of Shares

Schedule 3          Conditions Precedent

Schedule 4          Reserved matters

Part 1    Matters requiring investor consent

Part 2    Further matters requiring investor consent

Part 3    Matters requiring investor director consent

Schedule 5          Warranties

  • Share Capital
  • Information supplied
  • Accounts
  • Events since the accounts date
  • Taxation
  • Litigation
  • Data protection
  • Assets, debts and stock
  • Contracts with connected persons
  • Employment arrangements
  • Statutory and legal requirements
  • Records and registers
  • Agreements and capital commitments
  • Insolvency

Schedule 6          Deed of adherence

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