A limited liability partnership (“LLP”) is a type of partnership where the liability of all partners is limited to the amount that they each contributed. This is unlike a limited partnership where there exists at least one general partner whose liability is unlimited while the rest of the partners have limited liability.

LLPs combine the simplicity of a traditional partnership with the limited liability benefit similar to that of a company. An LLP is a body corporate with separate legal personality from the partners and can own property and be sued in its own name.

The LLP must have at least 2 partners (either an individual or corporation) and 1 manager (an individual).

From a tax perspective, the income of an LLP is taxed on the individual partners and is not subject to corporate tax.

LLPs are regulated by the Limited Liability Partnerships Act, 2011 which provides for the registration of such partnerships among other things. The process is outlined in Part IV of the Act and the Limited Liability Partnerships (Registration) Rules, 2012.

Currently registration of LLPs is done online via the Business Registration Service in eCitizen.

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