Affidavits in Kenya

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An affidavit is a formal written statement of fact, declared to be true by the person making it.

Why you need a lawyer in your business: Biases about lawyers 

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Discover the truth about Kenya’s legal profession, where lawyers and advocates play unique roles in various sectors. From corporate law to criminal defense, the legal field is diverse and far from the costly and complex image it’s often associated with. Learn how legal expertise can benefit startups, SMEs, and individuals alike.

Professional Masquerading: Quack lawyer finally unmasked 

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In a shocking revelation, an imposter known as ‘Brian Mwenda’ operated as a lawyer, winning multiple cases despite lacking legal qualifications. The Law Society of Kenya is now investigating this case, shedding light on the vulnerability of the legal system. Learn more about this alarming situation and its potential consequences.

Why you should always include an Arbitration Clause in a contract document

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WHY YOU SHOULD ALWAYS INCLUDE AN ARBITRATION CLAUSE IN A CONTRACT DOCUMENT An arbitration clause is a provision in a contract that requires the parties to resolve any disputes that may arise through arbitration rather than through court litigation. The act defines an Arbitration as, a procedure in which a dispute is submitted, by agreement […]