Why you need a lawyer in your business: Biases about lawyers 

Discover the truth about Kenya’s legal profession, where lawyers and advocates play unique roles in various sectors. From corporate law to criminal defense, the legal field is diverse and far from the costly and complex image it’s often associated with. Learn how legal expertise can benefit startups, SMEs, and individuals alike.

The Role of Intellectual Property in Growing and Protecting your Business Brand

The Role of Intellectual Property in Growing and Protecting your Business Brand In today’s competitive business landscape, developing a strong brand has become crucial for companies seeking long-term sustainability and growth. Therefore, one essential aspect of brand development that cannot be overlooked is the strategic utilization of intellectual property (IP) rights. IP serves as a […]

5 dangers of unsigned contracts and agreements

5 dangers of unsigned contracts and agreements: A contract has been defined as a written or spoken agreement, especially one concerning employment, sales, or tenancy, that is intended to be enforceable by law. It is advisable that parties negotiate and manage contracts before concluding on it. One of the ways one can show that they do agree with […]

Why you should always include an Arbitration Clause in a contract document

WHY YOU SHOULD ALWAYS INCLUDE AN ARBITRATION CLAUSE IN A CONTRACT DOCUMENT An arbitration clause is a provision in a contract that requires the parties to resolve any disputes that may arise through arbitration rather than through court litigation. The act defines an Arbitration as, a procedure in which a dispute is submitted, by agreement […]

7 Examples of what to disclose at the initial stages of contract negotiation

7 EXAMPLES OF WHAT TO DISCLOSE AT THE INITIAL STAGES OF CONTRACT NEGOTIATION Material facts: Parties to a contract should disclose all material facts that are relevant to the transaction. This includes things like the terms of the contract, the price, and any relevant conditions. Known issues: If there are any issues that the parties […]

Red flags in Contracts

BEWARE OF THESE RED FLAGS!!!! Many clients have been asking us how to tell that a contract/agreement is not favorable, considering all clauses have been stated in the agreement. Some have signed and gone into contracts without noticing the RED FLAGS that can later cost them or make them lose millions of shillings. Below are […]

4 Reasons Why Disclosure is Important in an Agreement or Contract Signing

4 REASONS WHY DISCLOSURE IS IMPORTANT IN AN AGREEMENT OR CONTRACT SIGNING Disclosure is an essential component of any agreement or contract signing. It is the act of revealing all significant and relevant information to the other party involved in the agreement or contract. This information could include finances, obligations, liabilities, and other pertinent details […]

Why representations and warranties are a must have clause in your agreement

WHY REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES ARE A MUST HAVE CLAUSE IN YOUR AGREEMENT Representation and warranty clauses are an essential part of any agreement as they help to provide a level of assurance and protection to all parties involved in the agreement. These clauses are typically included in contracts or other legal documents, and they serve […]

Why You need that Acceleration Agreement (clause)

WHY YOU NEED THAT ACCELERATION AGREEMENT (CLAUSE) An acceleration agreement is a type of clause found in many types of contracts that allows the contracting parties to accelerate the performance of obligations in certain circumstances. For example, if a borrower fails to make their loan payments on time or violates other terms of their loan […]

Understanding the roles and responsibilities of a guarantor

UNDERSTANDING THE ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF A GUARANTOR A guaranteed loan is a loan that a third party guarantees or assumes the debt obligation for, in the event that the borrower defaults. The third party is a guarantor often making reference to either a legal person or an individual who promises to pay a borrower’s debt in the event […]