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Deed of Assignment of Industrial Designs (Absolute)

KShs 5,600.00

A Deed of Assignment of Industrial Designs (Absolute) is a legal document that facilitates the transfer of ownership from the original holder of an industrial design to another party. This comprehensive agreement ensures that all rights, titles, and interests in the design are passed on, granting the assignee the exclusive right to use, manufacture, and sell products embodying the design. It is an absolute assignment, meaning that the transfer is complete and unconditional, without any limitations or reservations.


The deed typically includes details such as the identification of the involved parties, a description of the design, and the scope of rights transferred. It serves as a critical record of the transaction and provides legal certainty to both the assignor and the assignee. The document is often used in business transactions where industrial designs are a significant asset, ensuring that intellectual property rights are clearly defined and protected. It is essential for the assignee to register the assignment with the appropriate intellectual property office to obtain full legal recognition and enforcement of the newly acquired rights. This deed is a pivotal tool in the management and commercialization of industrial designs, providing a clear framework for the assignment process.

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