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Letter of Deposit for Mutiple Persons

KShs 3,000.00

This is a letter of deposit also Known as an Informal Charge executed between several Chargors and a single Lender. It is done in favour of the Lender and acts as security for a sum/credit/loan advanced to the Chargors. It defines the terms under which such a loan has been granted and provides mechanisms of debt collection and or remedies to the Lender upon default of the Chargors.


A letter of deposit being an informal charge is only noted in the registry. It is noted as encumbrance only when a search is done over the Property. As an informal charge, a caution should also be prepared and registered. Other accompanying documents such as the original title, copies of IDs and PINs of the Chargor should also be surrendered to the Lender.

Further, and on top of this, the Lender should ask the Chargors to execute an undated transfer at the point of executing this letter of deposit. This is beneficial because if the Chargors defaults, the Lender may proceed to transfer the secured property to itself.


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